6 oct. 2009

Play-For-Success a dystopian satire comedy show to entertain diverse audiences...

Play for Success  is a  "framework model" for a repetitive satirical comedy contrived to entertain diverse audiences with animal characters mocking  human behavior in a variety of settings or real life contexts, such as those happening inside organizations like Schools, government departments, corporations business units, neighborhoods, social endeavors, or any sort of setting wherein human beings strive to get ahead in life...

The basic idea behind Play-for-Success is a Plot in which, Cartoon-Like Characters, represented by  selected animal species, mock human behavior in a  well-rounded real-life context.  The play intends to pose a serious challenge and provides  exquisite dialogues ,to summon the audience  to partake in the drama by interpreting the consequences of the portrayed behaviors.

The Plot is set up with a purpose: To get across certain insight, message or truth and therefore, helping  the target-audience to better fathoms the consequences of a particular behavior in the set-up. 

The playwright must strive to construe the stageplay  in such a witty and clever manner, as to show a complete story with regards to the pertinent context. By approaching the issues in the quirkiest possible way, through irony, satire and   carefully tweaked dialogues, the dramatist must do, a bit more than  get that insight across.  He must straddle and rattle off the audience through a  mysterious, undecipherable "maze" of actions and counterpoising actions, gracefully conducive to an ending constrained by a reasonable time.  

We, humans, are circled by a certain "situational context" and therefore perform according to a setting or stage in which we are obliged to play a certain role.  These roles are played differently by different people.  The stage might be a Government Organization or one of its departments or instances like the White House, or the "Palacio Nacional" and the "Secretariat of State", as they are called in Dominican Republic. It might be the United States Congress, or The Supreme Court in either country. 

The stage might also refer to a private-sector organization, a kindergarten, a primary or middle-grade school.  In sooth, any sort of contrivance wherein people are forced to interact with one another in a more or less competitive-like environment.  Competition arises from the fact that there are not "enough men that comply with the genetic benefit and genetic resource principles" for women to choose from; or that there are no enough highly-paid positions for all the employees in a firm that would like to upscale...and so on!.

These environmental-based depictions will be ONE of the SHOW MAIN FEATURES and as such, they should present a detailed graphic behavior to be played out during a single show time. Competition, of "the worst and the best type", should be played out in full.

Furthermore, the show should be based upon scientific references and pertaining domain knowledge. Content scripts should be prepared by a qualified playwright but, expert’s guidance and content provision should be definitely a must. Experts should be convened, in according with the field or setting the correspondent show session will deal with. 

The characters must act out their roles. The selfish, the bossy, the capitalist, the scum, the rookie, the naif, the idealist, the money-grubber, the social entrepreneur, the good, the bad and the ugly, the "weasel", the lobbyist, the influence peddler, the wheeler-dealer... All of these characters’ demeanor should find its way to get across while the show session plays out.

Play-for-Success could be launched as an Educational Program: A series of stageplays whereby the students, at any age, could be taught about values and "memes" our society is fervently looking forward to regain.  

It might also be a TV series or a cartoon.  The quintessential theme is the depiction of human behavior by animals; but it could also offshoot to a series of shows, comedies, stage plays, drama concerning different social contexts, whereby the "Producers" would like to get across a certain insight aimed at a Target-Audience.  It might be a "Franchisable Business Model", along the same lines...

It differs from recent and older works in terms of variability on the context.  I will mention just one or two instances which, I have hastily researched to make sure I am not doing an oxymoron from something that many other people have already set forth.  

On one hand, delving into a play I discovered just while writing these lines:  "Stephen Svoboda stepping into the worthy shoes (of George Orwell and Aristophanes) with the sweet and endearing The Penguin Tango, a lovingly satirical comedy now making its New York debut at the Fringe Festival". The Penguin Tango revolves around "the romantic adventures of eight penguins in Germany's Bremerhaven Zoo".  The characters are constrained by a "context".  Humans are tweaking their "situation" and they don't quite understand why but, they are not depicting human behavior whatsoever, albeit the stage play shows the deeds of the penguins trying to maintain their specific "pecking order" setting... 

On other hand, The Animal Farm, "Animal Farm is a dystopian novella by George Orwell. Published in England on 17 August 1945, the book reflects events leading up to and during the Stalin Era before World War II " (Wikipedia). Play-for-Success is not meant to be such an extensive work like Orwell's but, there's a resemblance in the depiction Animals make of the "Human Context" in Orwell's work.  So, to pay tribute, I must state that this work follows in the footsteps of Orwell's, albeit re-stating a mostly variable context, an iterative or replicable framework and a shorter real-life story.

Disclaimer: Since I am not an expert on this field and this is just something contrived with a process I call "Strategic Craft" wherein I wake up in the very early morning with a "Business Model" in my head and I just set out to "write it" in my daughter's laptop.

Finally, I will only toss up a suggestion regarding the relationship and associations that could be done between animals and humans to depict the different characters. I will reel out now some the roles and the animals:

1. The Hypo might represent the Bossy type guy who’s always rattling off orders all around.

2. The selfish, treacherous being might be the Wasp.

3. The collaborator well-intentioned organization “guy” might be a Bee.

4. The lion is a boss, but one that everybody fears.

5. The Ant is the Rookie everybody step on.

6. The Mosquito might well be a “sucker" who always feathers his own nest.
7. A noble woman could be depicted by a "Butterfly".

Well that's all folks!

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